Ducktabs Player Rewards

Ducktabs is the only pulltab that has a player rewards system. This patent-pending system allows players to earn points, be entered into large drawings, trade points for merchadise, compete with others on the leaderboard, and much more. Every winning pulltab has a unique code on it. Entering this code gets the player reward points proportional to the value of the prize. For example, a $99 winner is 99 reward points.

In addition to giving back to our valued players, this system also allows Ducktabs to remain a legal pulltab option in the State of Wisconsin. Part of the in-pack chance promotion rules state that all winners over $100 must be recorded. We appreciate your help to keep us compliant, and we believe that the entries from our rewards program makes us the most compliant of all legal pulltab options.



Please make sure this information is valid to be elligible for prizes.